The IHP+

The International Health Partnership and Related Initiatives (IHP+)

IHP+The International Health Partnership and Related Initiatives (IHP+) was launched in September 2007 and aims to better harmonise donor funding commitments and to improve the way international agencies, donors and developing countries work together to develop and implement national health plans. It is closely linked to the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and its principles. IHP+ was created to translate those principles into practice in the health sector.

Participation is open to all developing and developed country governments, and agencies and civil society involved in improving health who are willing to sign up to the commitments of the IHP+ Global Compact.

IHP+ Global Compact defines commitments following Paris Principles on:

• National ownership

• Alignment with national systems

• Harmonization between agencies

• Managing for results

• Mutual accountability

IHP+ signatories are committed to support inclusive national health planning processes and to review policies and procedures at global level to enable improve coordination and longer term support at country level.

For more information on the IHP+ and how to join click here.

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